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The Scientist will work on time-sensitive AAV capsid library projects within a large team, using knowledge of molecular biology, recombinant DNA engineering and next generation sequencing. The Scientist must have a strong background in molecular biology, restriction enzyme digestion, ligase-dependent and/or ligase-independent plasmid construction, design and the use and analysis of plasmid barcodes, nucleic acid isolation and quantification from animal tissues and cells (RNA and DNA) and NGS analysis. The Scientist must also possess experience with equipment including PCR thermocyclers, gel electrophoresis, bacterial incubators, automated DNA isolation equipment, microcentrifuges, low and high-speed centrifuges, spectrophotometric plate reader, qPCR and/or ddPCR equipment, and NGS sequencers. 


  • Experience in AAV gene therapy
  • One year of experience as a post-doctoral fellow or research scientist in a relevant scientific discipline, including AAV capsid library generation, production, transduction and analysis
  • Ability to work effectively on team-projects. Strong collaboration & communication skills
  • Work productively on concurrent projects with strong decision-making and trouble-shooting skills (agility).
  • Design & construct bar-coded AAV capsid peptide-display library plasmids for vector library production
  • Quantitate plasmid library and vector library complexity using next-generation sequencing (amplicon-sequencing)
  • Isolate high-quality nucleic acids from primary tissues/cells (RNA/DNA) after in vivo and in vitro transduction.
  • Employ next-generation sequencing to characterization biodistribution and expression of novel capsid library variants following in vitro or in vivo screening


Ph.D degree (or foreign-equivalent) in Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Virology, or other closely-related fields, in addition to relevant hands-on laboratory experience in AAV gene therapy.


Scientific Level Differentiation:

  • Scientist 1: PhD or equivalent relevant experience, plus 0-2+ years industry experience
  • Scientist 2: PhD or equivalent relevant experience plus 2-5+ years industry experience
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