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Molecular Virology Associate Study Director

Baltimore, MD


• Work with research leadership to conduct research involving infectious diseases caused by Tier 1 viruses and exotic viruses. Research areas include:

•Reverse genetics and genomics

•Organ/organoid on a chip systems

•Viral life cycle surrogate systems (viral pseudotyping, VLPs, minigenome and budding systems)

 •Gene knock in/knock out

•Mechanisms of action

•Enzymatic assays

•Virology assays to include but not limited to titration by TCID50 and plaque assays

•DNA/RNA extraction, purification, quantification, transcription, replication, amplification, and mutagenesis, PCR/real-time PCR, microarray

•Analysis of viral load in blood and tissue samples using quantitative real time PCR (one-step and two-step assays)

• Conducts and independently lead research within the outlined government program

• Implement study/project request process utilizing standardized study proposal templates

• Efficiently plan, execute, and report scientific activities conducted in accordance with directives from the division.

• Generate master and working stocks of virus and other microbial agents as directed that are well documented and characterized.

• Generate study plans using approved templates and SharePoint processes provided prior to initiation of in vitro and in vivo experiments.

• Generate high quality interim and final study reports and develop them for timely publication in peer reviewed journals.

• Actively participate in practices/processes to enhance data quality and integrity including periodic review of study execution to identify gaps and refine procedures.

• Supervise more junior staff members in effectively conducting and troubleshooting assays, analyzing and reporting results.

• Develop and implement training and cross-training programs to assure continuity of operations and scientific core and screening activities.

• Develop and revise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and methods for laboratory operations.

• Comply with the NIH Division of Occupational Health and Safety requirement for satisfactory completion of the Biosurety program and Select Agent program.

• Comply with the physical security, protection of the division’s property, protection of information, cyber security, agent protection, control and accountability, safe disposal and waste handling, and personal security guidelines set forth by the division’s Biosurety program.


• Requires familiarity with RNA/DNA/protein preparation and standard virologic assays, procedures, and analyses

• Understanding of screening robotics and programming strongly desired.

• Must be a US citizen or permanent resident.

• Must have 4 years’ specialized training and research.

• Ability to obtain/maintain DoJ Security Risk Assessment (SRA) approval

• Must be willing to participate in periodic drug screening.

• Must have the ability to obtain/maintain certification in Chemical Personnel Reliability Program and/or Biological Personnel Reliability Program.

• Must have the ability to obtain/maintain CDC Select Agent Program approval.

• Ability to work under BSL-4 conditions. Able to wear respiratory protection.


• Experience with viral Select Agents is highly desired

• Current experience in BSL-4 is highly desired

• Proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint • Basic understanding of laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

 • Demonstrate interpersonal, oral and written communication, and organizational skills

 • Demonstrated ability to ability to work independently, design experiments, and analyze data


• Minimum of a M.S. or PhD (preferred) degree in Virology or a related field from an accredited college or university.

• Ability to work in BSL-4 setting.

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